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The Billionaire Secret Codex

The Hidden Keys To Unleashing 100x Wealth And Abundance. This course comprises of the following Modules and Contents;

​The 6 Powerful Wealth Magnet Scripts

Based on the Secret Codex Principles. How to Activate Your Wealth DNA To Start Attracting Wealth and Abundance Immediately

​Universal Laws Hacked

Understanding the Constant and Never-changing laws that govern the natural world and how to make them work for you.

Brain Rewired For wealth

Wealth Brainwave Activation. Leveraging the brain's neuroplasticity and malleability to rewire itself for success.

​Wealth Visualisation Techniques

Understanding how to create vivid mental images of your desired wealth or financial outcome and using Focused Intention and Action to quantum leap your manifestation into reality.

​Psychology Of Money Debunked

Debunking and understanding the emotions, behaviours, biases and beliefs that influence financial choices

​ Earth's Heartbeats

Understanding the rhythms of the earth and learning how to harness and assimilate these, including frequencies that influence brainwave patterns, that will align with your intensions to attract wealth and abundance

​Billionaire Wealth Rituals

Habits, rituals and strategies that attract wealth and abundance effortlessly

​Overriding Paradigms

Shifting your existing set of limiting beliefs and concepts that has kept you in persistent struggles 

Bonus 1: Instant Money Magnet Activation (Audio)

Bonus 2: Relaxation And Inner Peace Activation (Audio)

Bonus 3: Total Body Healing And Health Restoration (Audio)

Bonus 4: Earth's Heartbeats - Binaural Beats

Prolonged binaural rhythms in the frequencies that resonate with your entire being, aligning your soul's rhythm with the vibrational frequency of the universe

Bonus 5: Exclusive Access To Join Facebook Group

Leveraging the opportunity to engage with selected like-minded people who share similar goals and interests as yourself. Opportunity to network, connect, share knowledge, get support and advise, access valuable resources and stay updated with current insights and growth opportunities. 

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